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10 Foods To Eat On A Weight Loss Diet Howto & Style 

10 Foods To Eat On A Weight Loss Diet

10 Foods To Eat On A Weight Loss Diet. When you’re on a diet or trying to meet specific weight loss goal, it can sometimes feel as though your food options are restricted. Fortunately for you, the secret to losing weight might not be to eat less, but simply to eat better instead; last time we decided to explore this topic, we discovered that there are several foods that you can still enjoy while trying to lose weight– so many, in fact, that we couldn’t fit them all into a single video! Welcome to part 2 of this video series, in which Bestie aims to examine 10 more foods which can help you along the path to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

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1. Avocados- 01:40
2. Apple Cider Vinegar- 02:17
3. Nuts- 02:50
4. Whole Grains- 03:30
5. Chili Pepper- 04:04
6. Fruit- 05:06
7. Grapefruit- 05:45
8. Chia Seeds- 06:37
9. Coconut Oil- 07:24
10. Full-Fat Yogurt- 08:02


1. Avocados
Truly, what can we say about these vibrant green fruits that hasn’t already been said? Avocados are so healthy, in fact that we’ve already done an entire video on them! Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. As for how they impact weight loss, avocados are unique among fruits in that they are loaded with healthy fats as opposed to carbs, as well as a high amount of water and fiber which lowers its overall energy density. Avocados are also a healthy source of potassium; more like potassi-YUM, am I right?

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
Whether using it as an ingredient in salad dressing or even diluting it into drinking water, natural health and fitness enthusiasts everywhere love apple cider vinegar. According to some studies, ingesting some apple cider vinegar at the same time as a meal that’s high in carbs can help you to feel more full, thus encouraging you to consume fewer calories.

3. Nuts
For a healthy snack on the go, nuts are where it’s at. Nuts of various kinds are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, making them both satisfying to eat as well as packed with nutritional benefits. If that wasn’t enough, studies have also linked nuts to improved metabolic health and potentially weight loss as well, and population studies have indicated that people who regularly snack on nuts are typically healthier and leaner on average.

4. Whole Grains
Cereal grains get a bad rep sometimes. However, certain types of grains can still provide health benefits and may even be useful when it comes to losing weight. While it’s true that processed grains are unhealthy., whole and cereal grains packed with fiber and protein can be useful when it comes to managing your weight. a try as a healthier alternative to white bread and sugary cereals.

5. Chili Pepper
What’s your tolerance when it comes to spicy food? In addition to adding a much-needed kick to many a bland meal, chili peppers can also add a much-needed kick to your weight loss strategies. This is because chili peppers are high in capsaicin, which is a substance that, according to some studies has been proven to reduce appetite and increase excess fat burning in the human body. Capsaicin is so useful in this regard, in fact, that it’s often used as an ingredient in weight loss products such as dieting supplements. However, it’s also worth mentioning that people who eat spicy food on the regular seem to reap fewer weight-loss benefits from chili peppers than people with milder tastes.

6. Fruit
The health benefits that we associated with fruit have been known for a long time. Even though fruits contain natural sugars, their low energy density and fiber content prevents the sugar they contain from being released into your bloodstream too quickly.

7. Grapefruit
While we just talked about the weight loss benefits that can come from fruit as a whole, some fruits deserve a little more attention on this list than others. One specific fruit we’d like to shine the spotlight on is grapefruit, due to it being the subject of a number of studies regarding the effects this fruit has on weight loss and weight management.

8. Chia Seeds
Originally used for planting chia pets in the ’90s, it turns out that chia seeds are also a nutritional superfood as well. Chia seeds contain 12 grams of carbohydrates, per ounce; if that seems high, bear in mind that 11 of these grams is made up of fiber, officially making chia seeds one of the best sources of fiber in the whole world.

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