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Dry Fasting Weight Loss – The Best Way To Do Dry Fasting! Education 

Dry Fasting Weight Loss – The Best Way To Do Dry Fasting!

Dry Fasting Weight Loss – The Best Way To Do Dry Fasting

In this video I discuss the following:

Why a lot of people who do Ramadan gain back the weight and…….

How to avoid gaining weight back from dry fasting……..

What you should do before and after your dry fast…….

Types of fats to be consuming while you are not dry fasting…….

How to break your dry fast slowly to get best results for weight loss………..

Do you want to learn how to build up to do dry fasting yourself? In the next video of this series I will discuss that so if you have not subscribed to our channel yet make sure to subscribe so you do not miss out on the next video on this dry fasting video series.

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