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Exercise For Weight Loss Manifestation

What to do when you struggle with exercise but you want to lose weight. Repeating stories of your ego making you feel lazy or guilty around exercise.

We generally struggle around things that we “should” be doing, we then create this tension around that thing and we make it feel hard.

Forming a relationship with exercise that links exercise with weight loss can indirectly increase appetite.

Ways to view exercise that you can play around with that may help you get motivated.

If you hold a lot of shame and resentment around your weight it’s difficult to enjoy exercise if you view it as this thing that helps you lose weight.

Exercise is hard when it’s really emotionally charged because it’s linked into your self worth.

Emotional battle in your head, the worst thing you can do is get in an argument with your ego and come to the conclusion that you are a lazy piece of shit for not exercising.

Don’t associate exercise with being good or bad because if when you don’t exercise and you activate a story in your head that you are fat and lazy, you will get driven to eat mindlessly in front of the tv.

Strategies to start exercising from the right energy.

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