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Fasting Diet – 2019 Fasting For Weight Loss Howto & Style 

Fasting Diet – 2019 Fasting For Weight Loss

In this video, I review one of the best fasting diet methods for weight loss: short term or intermittent fasting.

To sum it up, you simply skip one meal a day where you go from being in a fed state and STORING fat, to being in a fasted state and BURNING fat. When you combine that with regular exercise (im not talking about 200 pushups), you can lose even more fat! (Video on those exercises coming soon)

Top products for weight loss that I’ve used and reviewed:

The Red Tea Detox –

The Fat Decimator System –

The 2 Week Diet –

The Ultimate Guide to Detoxing –

Best audio based fitness app so far:
Aaptiv –

The best workout program I’ve used for over 2 years:
AthleanX –

The secret behind hip flexors and the natural way to deal with diabetes:
Hip Flexors –

The Big Diabetes Lie –

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