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Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019 [Day 111] People & Blogs 

Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019 [Day 111]

Fasting Weight Loss Journey Day 111 I talk about what I ate and what exercise I did. I did a 17 hour fast and a 7 hour eating window.
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Les Brown, a motivational speaker, teacher told him the opinions of others is not your reality. That was a changing point in his life.

What I would like you to take from this is that YOU decide what your reality is by your daily actions.

DAILY HARD work will produce the weight loss results you are looking for.

My weight loss journey 2019 continues on until I reach between 173 and 185 pounds. I started 111 days ago at 273.2 lbs and today am 60 pounds lighter!!

I am doing a mix of OMAD one meal a day, Intermittent Fasting, and Prolonged fasting.

In this video I give my intermittent fasting results for 17 hour fasting day. You don’t have to do my hours. Just find what works for you or switch it up like I do if you like. The less hours you eat the better in my opinion. Also, food quality is vital to your weight loss success!

I also eat low carb and throw in keto meals. I believe lowering sugar and carbs is a must to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. There are hundreds of thousands of low carb and ket meal and recipes on youtube. You can find your favorite meal, snack or dessert low carb or keto variation if you search for it!

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If you have a 2019 weight loss channel documenting your weight loss journey 2019 let me know!

I no longer have a carb or sugar addiction. Low carb and keto meals is what gave me the fast weight loss. Prolonged fasting for weight loss of course did it too!

Thank you for watching my intermittent fasting diet for weight loss results and fasting weight loss journey vlog day 111 results!

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My favorite fasting channels are Fledge Fitness, Thomas DeLauer, Dr Berg, Dr Fung you can really learn a lot about fasting weight loss and fasting benefits. The more you know the more it will help you to stick with your fasting weight loss journey and keep a fasted focused lifestyle!

Until next time!

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