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Ideal Protein – Holiday Tips for Weight Loss & Maintenance with Sara Mulero Howto & Style 

Ideal Protein – Holiday Tips for Weight Loss & Maintenance with Sara Mulero

Sara Mulero is an Ideal Protein Clinic owner and RDC. She is sharing her holiday strategies for weight loss and maintenance.

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Sara’s Transformation:
Sara’s Story:
I originally started Ideal Protein as a patient in Louisiana, referred by my fertility doctor. The doctor told me I’d need to lose at least 150lbs before he would treat me. He gave me the choice of bariatric surgery or Ideal Protein. I knew in my heart, surgery was just not for me personally. I thought if I ate my way to this weight of 460lbs I could eat my way out of it! I made my husband take me right over to the Ideal Protein clinic … it was 2 weeks before Christmas in 2012 and I’ve never looked back!

I lost 220lbs in the first 1 year 8 months. We did some fertility treatments, that failed, and found out there were other issues other than my weight that prevented me from having a baby. My husbands job moved us from Louisiana to Texas. I found a clinic that didn’t meet my needs, so I called corporate and was contacted by the local Consultant and then started working part time as a coach. I then started back on Phase 1, and my patients and I worked on our health together! I have lost a total of 325lbs and have been maintaining for close to a year. I love helping others. It is truly my life’s passion, so much I quit my full time job in dentistry to follow my new mission of helping as many people as I could. Now I enjoy educating other coaches from all over the US!

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