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Keto Diamond August 10 Pound Challenge Weight Loss Journey Lazy Keto Week 5 People & Blogs 

Keto Diamond August 10 Pound Challenge Weight Loss Journey Lazy Keto Week 5

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This is my week 5 weight loss journey update. I had a good week until Tuesday when I had a carb party and I have no idea why. I recovered from it and stayed good the rest of the week. Sunday is Ember’s birthday party food is going to be okay a taco bar so I can have a taco salad, but the cake part is going to make me want to have a piece. I am going back and forth right now over what I should do.When the time comes Sunday I will make the choice. I have heard if you want it have a small serving of it. With a house full of people here when they go Monday I am sure I will have a lot to do, so I might work it off. I need to get in the yard tonight and do some work done. I am just waiting till after dinner. Last Monday I weighed in and then had an official weigh in on Thursday 3 days later and I gained 2.2 pounds so my official weigh in was 150.1. Today I weighed in at 145.1 so I lost 5 pounds. Doing this challenge is making me think about what I put in my mouth and weigh everything in grams, which is making a huge difference. Please share your journey with us if you would like to. Thanks for watching and please give a like to us, to get us out in YouTube land.

I am Christina I am 53 mother of 2, grandma of 5. Princess Aurora, arrived on July 24th. I am a stay at home grandma and I live with my son and daughter in law. I love being with my littles everyday. I started doing this to help me with some self doubt issues. I hope to grow a channel where everyone can become a family and we can talk about everything. I would like to start cook with me videos, walk through and other things you would like to see. I will answer all questions and if you would like to learn more about me let me know and I can do a real me video. I would love to exchange a pocket letter or a hand written letter, If you are interested let me know. This would be my first one, but I think it would be fun. If you would like to send friend mail please let me know and I will give you my address and you will get friend mail back!!! If you would like to do a collab feel free to ask. Exchange friend mail let me know!!!

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