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My Weight Loss Journey *So Far* People & Blogs 

My Weight Loss Journey *So Far*

Good Monday Morning Everyone!! As y’all requested after my “Summer Lookbook” video, I’ve created a video chatting with you about how I’ve lost 70 pounds in the last year. I hope you enjoy this little ditty, it was not an easy one for me to create. I hope all is well with everyone!! Love you all bunches!

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Salvation Army Girlfriends’ Getaway: Funky Bow Cheat Sheet

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be closing down my PO Box on June 29th. If you’d like to send me something between now and then, please email me for the address at After June 29th, it will be no longer open. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE SENT ME CARDS AND GIFTS…I HAVE LOVED EVERY SINGLE THING AND WILL CHERISH EVERY SINGLE THING THAT Y’ALL HAVE GIFTED ME!! (((HUGS)))

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