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PEMF Therapy for Weight Loss? Yes [Video Explains New Science] Science & Technology 

PEMF Therapy for Weight Loss? Yes [Video Explains New Science] and – click or dial for the best source of PEMF information, reviews and science. Subscribe to my channel! I have many more videos coming soon!

Overview – PEMF Therapy helps with Weight Loss in 8 Research Proven Ways We’ll Explore in this Module.

1) PEMF Improves Circulation and Microcirculation to hard to burn fat
Men back, stomach… Women thighs/hips
2) Increases Metabolism, improves thyroid function
3) Helps with detox and bowel regularity (a lot of weight stored in colon).
4) Helps burn cellulite by detoxing the body of chemicals (improving LYMPHATIC CIRCULATION).
5) Improves sleep which is know to enhance weight loss hormonally and by
minimizing eating late and snacking due to insomnia
6) Gives you more energy so you are MORE LIKELY to exercise.
7) Reduces stress (promotes deep relaxation) which helps reduce belly fat by 30%
8) Heals the body of injuries that prevent movement and exercise

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