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Water fasting Diet Weigh In Results | Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019 [Day 146] People & Blogs 

Water fasting Diet Weigh In Results | Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019 [Day 146]

Water fasting diet results for day 146 of my fasting to lose 100 pounds on youtube. Join me each day as I fight obesity and conquer weight loss and keep it off!

I did a no food fast for 32 hours with exercise.

Getting it together on my weight loss journey. Do not regain the weight and lose it over and over again. Stay focused. We have to break the cycle!

Fasting discipline starts NOW.

Watch me lose 100 pounds on youtube!

I am a 41 year old mom of 4 . 5’9″ I do dreadlocks for a living and sell perfume roll ons at

I started 146 days ago on this weight loss journey at 273.2 pounds. My goal is 173.2 pounds documented on YouTube.

This is not for sympathy, drama, or what not. These are the real ups and downs of my fasting weight loss journey.

OMAD Fasting Definition: Eating one meal in a 24 hour period.

Please subscribe to my fasting weight loss journey and watch me FIGHT hard to lose 100 pounds fasting with one meal a day, intermittent fasting and no food fasting.

I really hope if you have weight to lose you add a day of no food during your week.

Another faster to follow

Book Recommendation The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
Buy on Amazon (affiliate link)

Do not try working out unless you know it is ok for your body and have done lots of water fasting already.

I talk about what I ate and what exercise I did each day.

Silicone Baking Cups on Amazon: (affilliate link)

My channel has many purposes and one is to give weight loss
2019 motivation to you daily because I believe you can achieve your weightloss goals.

What I would like you to take from this is that every day you must get motivated. Weight loss 2019 motivation should be part of your daily routine. It wears off so you need it again each day!

DAILY HARD work will produce the weight loss 2019 results you are looking for.

My weight loss journey 2019 continues on until I reach between 173 and 185 pounds. I started at 273.2 lbs and today am 60+ pounds lighter!!

I am doing a mix of OMAD one meal a day, Intermittent Fasting, dry fasting and Prolonged no food fasting. I have also done the snake diet fasting using snake juice. I have snake diet results videos in a playlist. I no longer follow that protocol but mix my own fasting methods into something I can do for a life time. My longest water fasting is 9 and 10 days. Now I am doing shorter ones.

Weight Loss is so hard when you are used to being obese all your life and eating for every emotion possible.

You don’t have to do my hours and days of fasting. Just find what works for you or switch it up like I do if you like. The less hours you eat the better in my opinion. Also, food quality is vital to your weight loss success!

I also eat low carb and throw in keto meals. I believe lowering sugar and carbs is a must to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. There are hundreds of thousands of low carb and keto meal and recipes on youtube. You can find your favorite meal, snack or dessert low carb or keto variation if you search for it!

Please subscribe and watch me everyday for weight loss journey 2019 motivation.

If you have a 2019 weight loss journey channel documenting your weight loss journey 2019 let me know!

I no longer have a carb or sugar addiction. Low carb and keto meals is what gave me the fast weight loss. Prolonged fasting for weight loss of course did it too!

Thank you for watching my water fasting diet weigh in results and my fasting weight loss journey 2019 day 146 weigh in video!

Please subscribe, like, and comment for more weight loss motivation 2019!

My favorite fasting channels are Fledge Fitness, Thomas DeLauer, Dr Berg (look up Dr. berg weight loss and Dr berg fasting videos), Dr Fung you can really learn a lot about fasting weight loss and fasting benefits. The more you know the more it will help you to stick with your fasting weight loss journey and keep a fasted focused lifestyle!

Until next time! Let’s work daily to battle our food addiction!!

#weightloss #omad #fastingforweightloss

weightloss can be accomplished go for it!

Use caution if you do dry or long fasting! I would start with other fasting methods first and when you are seasoned do a dry fast or long fast.

My Daily Weight Loss Vlog on Youtube – Weigh ins daily until I reach my goal weight of 100 pounds lost. Then I will do daily weight loss / fitness videos and a weekly weigh in.

Obese to fit. I am starting out morbidly obese and want to get out of the classification of obese altogether.

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