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Weigh In #1 | Weight Loss Vlog #2 People & Blogs 

Weigh In #1 | Weight Loss Vlog #2

This is my first official weigh in video. So when I started my weight loss journey a month ago I was 240 lbs and am now currently 226 lbs. I will be getting my weigh in videos out to you guys between Thursday-Saturday. I plan to do two videos a week, I’ll try to push for three. In this video I just explain my week and how I did. I ate well and exercised everyday. I plan to do the same routine for this upcoming week as well. I also breastfeed which burns 400-500 calories a day which is kind of a cheat but I just wanted to add that in there so you know that exercise and eating better are not the only thing helping me lose weight. I hope you enjoy this video
and please…


The song used in this video was Upbeat by Andrew Huang found in YouTube’s Audio Library in the free download music section.

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