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Weight Gain After Dry Fast [Day 73] Weight Loss Journey Results People & Blogs 

Weight Gain After Dry Fast [Day 73] Weight Loss Journey Results

Weight gain after dry fasting will happen due to water. You will lose water weight during the dry fast and gain back water weight when you drink again.

Dry fasting is very beneficial to cleansing your body on a deeper level than intermittent fasting or water fasting.

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The best fasting weight loss benefits I have found are
1. I do not crave sugar foods that I love like cakes, ice cream, etc. 2. Fasting makes me happy.
3. Energy: If you watch my weight loss journey you will see the fasting results videos I am energized and just overall happier. The days I don’t fast I have a very low energy video and feel UGH lol

If you have a lot of weight to lose like I do. I highly recommend you find a fasting diet plan for weight loss that works for you.

My favorites are intermittent fasting, OMAD one meal a day, dry fasting (1-2 times a month), and no food fasting.

In my videos I share what I am trying. Not sure which one I will use to live the fasted focus lifestyle I want but by 100 days into this journey I believe I will have it figured out!

Thank you for watching weight gain after dry fasting and weight loss journey results and keeping me accountable for saying I am about to get serious about losing weight.

This will be about a 40 pound weight loss in 30 days challenge.

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