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What I’m Eating This Week | Weight Loss Journey Entertainment 

What I’m Eating This Week | Weight Loss Journey

Hello! I decided to film a ‘what I eat in a day/week’ video based on my last (also first) grocery haul. Unfortunately I spent a couple of days at my Mom’s place and wasn’t able to eat consistently this week – I did eat fairly healthy (she made an amazing zoodle dish 🤤). Those meal prep containers are going to come in handy and help me avoid getting off track in the future.

I plan in the near future to redo this week so I can see if it provides results in term of weight loss. I also started working out this week which is a great feeling 💪🏻💥

Stay tuned for next Friday’s video where I update you on my progress thus far (if any 😬).

As always thank you for watching and there will definitely be more weight loss focused content going forward. I’m doing this for my beautiful daughter 💕

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