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Yoga Poses & Yoga For Weight Loss Entertainment 

Yoga Poses & Yoga For Weight Loss

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In this video we present a number of yoga poses and how to perform them correctly. You will see the “wrong” or “most frequent mistakes” that are made completing these poses and the correct pose with detailed description.

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Images sourced through Pinterest and @actionjacquelyn

Yoga Poses that are described in this video:
Baby Cobra, Big Toe Pose, Bow Pose, Bridge, Butterfly Pose, Camel Modification, Chair Pose, Chaturanga, Cow Face Pose, Crescent Pose, Dolphin, Downward Dog, Figure Four, Forward Fold, Goddess Pose, Half Forward Fold, Half Frog Pose, Half Splits, Half Splits On Wall, Handstand, Handstand Pike, Happy Baby, Headstand, High Lunge, King Arthur Pose, Low Lunge, Modified Half Splits, Modified Pigeon Pose, Pigeon Pose, Plow Pose, Prayer Pose, Seated Twist, Side Angle Pose, Side Plank, Standing Splits, Sunbird Pose, Supta Padagusthas, Tiger Pose, Triangle Pose, Upward Dog, Upward Plank Pose, Warrior III on Wal, Wheel Pose, Wide Seated Fold, Wild Thing

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